Roger Federer “I Love to Prove Myself Day After Day”【Interview】

In Dubai, his second home town, Roger Federer spoke about the challenges of playing the younger generation and which of Rafael Nadal’s talents he would pick if he had the choice.



Q:hello are you there how are you doing Thanksgiving the time Roger
you’ve been playing as a professional for more than 12 years now
and you one more grand slams than any other person. I’m you still seem to be hungry for titles how do you motivate yours. 


Roger:Well i think is actually quite easy today and I used to struggle much more when I was younger you know trying to make the breakthrough trying to prove everybody that you know. I also got talent that can play. but other guys were having success earlier and people start to question me an early on. I just couldn’t cope with it may be as well as today.
Because today all the successive had nobody can take that away. so it gives you a sense of security. But at the same time, you want to achieve more you need to have that fire burning you know to really want to achieve big things.  that’s what I have and I think that’s why I’m doing really well still.


“it was an amazing feeling and being on the stage the same sort of level, Pete Sampras,  Rod labor or Beyon Borg.”-Roger


Roger:well have never been the number one statistics, guide to being quite honest I i look at them. I read them, I hear about them,  but the end you know i mean there then obviously we’re talking about huge numbers.  you know about history books at the very very top and I was close to them or I broke a few.
Because journalist told me or I kinda heard about them . I mean this is when I was really like wow I’m a being able to do something extremely special and I think that oliver son really triggered some extra motivation for me to push harder to try. you know more you know to released stay injury free to be.  you know live healthy and so forth and I think that’s actually you know playing for the history books been actually big part of the last five years for me.


 Because before that we’re just trying to get somewhere you know good for your own career and once I passed that stage and was able to play for the history books. it was an amazing feeling and being on the stage the same sort of level at times was Pete Sampras are Rod labor or Beyon Board has been an amazing feeling for me.


“it’s very intriguing for me to keep on playing for a long time”-Roger


Q:to statistics still urge you on in that sense that he would maybe wanna win twenty grand slams or?


Roger:Absolutely yeah I mean the for sure I i mean. Almost every time I step on the court today I can maybe rewrites history in some shape or form not every single time. but very often and that’s why and it’s it’s very intriguing for me to keep on playing for a long time of course.


” love it you know trying to prove myself day after day against the other guys.”-Roger

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Q:in business we favored competition is good for business because it keeps you innovative and it keeps you strong ongoing.  how does the BAPS challenger the younger generation coming up maybe or other big players that you play games how does that motivated to keep fire burning?


Roger:Because things were very different when you when you come along. you are the young one and the only thing and see the same age players or then much older in tennis terms which is maybe ten years older even maximum 15 years older and then as time goes by you play same age a few older and a few youngsters. But they’re still pretty much you know from your own from the same generation and now I’m playing much more against younger players and I think in the beginning I had struggled to only play against younger players just because Iso much missed playing agassi and sampras and you know Carlos moyen Henman and all those guys who I grew up coming along and been able to play them and challenged them really.
I have had to find new motivation inspiration to actually playing as younger guys why’s it also special thing as younger players and this is where I think competition as definite change my mind said the struggle early on to get the Bahamas and motivated something’s being as younger guys. Even though you wanna show you what you can do against them. But it was just kind of difficult for me and today. I love it you know trying to prove myself day after day against the other guys.

Q:do that also force you in a way to rearrange your your trainings and your your tactic ?


Roger:firm not really my training regime and I definitely think the younger generation has pushed me to work hard. But I think I was doing that anyway regardless of for you know who was coming along I always question myself in the best of times a


even when I was well number one for many many weeks and months in a row at certain times during the year said what can I improve what do I need to change. Because if you don’t do anything or you just,  do the same thing over and over again you stay the same and staying the same is going backwards because the other guys are working hard and improving so I always need to find ways to improve my game as well in the


” I was still the dominant player for a very long time before he came. He was a big first challenge who could beat me more than once for two at times in a row”-Roger

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Q:last couple years the rivalry with Rafael Nadal dominated the tennis team. what is special about playing against him?


Roger:well I just think we are quite different contrast the different characters and is a lefty  Rigty he was the up-and-coming.  I was still the dominant player for a very long time before he came and he was a big first challenge who could beat me more than once for two at times in a row and I think that has really and drew big interest in our rivalry and then of course we played some of those amazing matches in Grand Slam finals ,such as wimbledon men the few times Australian Open, French Open a few times and I think I love that oversee created this great rivalry and it’s been amazing for the sport and great for our game really. if you have to look into the future and how everybody talks a positive about the game


Q:I know you’re not just rivals are also good friend how do you cope with this paradox relationship?


Roger:well I just think it’s nice to get along. you know I’m maybe in the past people always felt you know top guys are not supposed to get along because they actually are supposed to beat each other and not like each other to play their best.


but I think I was able to see it differently that you know through respect and fair play no problem you can also dominate and play well and I think that maybe has trickle down to let’s say references as well that he also takes the same approach that he says you know very respectful but very aggressive on the tennis court but always according to the rules,  I can play great tennis and I think it’s wonderful.


now that if the two guys at the very top have this kind of a relationship that can also speak volumes down in the lower rankings when and where they are very hungry as well to break through come forward. They see that we get along why should they get along well as well with with all of us really.


Q :Rafa said in an interview 1 when he was asked which have your tennis strokes he would pick if he could choose? he says that he would pick your server what would you pick from him if you could happen if you have a choice?


Roger:well I think rough as many great asses to his game a it’s very hard to tried to imagine that I would have some his strength because it’s such a different and complex player to me I’m I tried to change up my game every single shot or a point I play it with him I find it a bit different I think he always plays tries to do pretty much the same and by doing that try to eventually get to your mind or physically break you down and of course is improved you know much more today you can varies game a lot more.


But if I would have to pick one huge strength he has his is movement on clay, I think he moves extremely well and overseas that’s not without talking about this for and his mental abilities and all that stuff.  But it’s become a wonderful player and a great person but again. out


Q:now being at the top is very hard how do you cope with the constant pressure being amongst the to tennis players?


Roger:well I guess to some degree you get used to it I thought there was somewhat hard three actually and gets to world number one I mean it is very hard of course. But I was very close and I was very nervous getting there and when I realised a.m. that I was closer maybe never gonna become world number one like starches stress out so for me the the time of getting too well no one was quite stressful. To be honest, once I got to warn them when I should start to relax relax because I felt you know what I’ve achieved was everything I ever wanted and now I have a choice do you wanna stay there or was I just happy to be there once.
And I decided I would like to state is so weird. Extremely hard and try to beat everybody and just have that mental determination and become just a different player actually and I really enjoyed being at the top and the pressure honestly didn’t really cause any problems from yesterday


I think maybe play better tennis and that’s why I’m actually thankful at this wonderful experience.


Q:and to keep at the top you’ll have I’m surrounded yourself with express helping you trainings coatings not least your friends and family who help you motive be motivated. I’m would you and why is managers for example or people in general to do surround themselves with experts and coaches to to achieve what they want it ?


Roger:well I think the teams always very important you know in any aspect of or your life if it’s a business or and union in your life you know to have a good team with friends around do is key and to be able to pick the right ones is another quality I think you know leaders the tend to have and for me always harmony in the team has been very important.  But also people who can challenge me know who can tell me


Roger don’t you think you should change this we have an idea for you a solution may be to problems and I’m very happy if they tell me that if they do see a problem or days think they I can still improve it’s important for me to actually hear criticism sometimes you know because I think that’s what makes me a better player.


and it questions. I that mean some was questioning me who really cares about me and I think that’s a really important and in the business world as well and the you know I I think I’ve done actually quite well over the over the years concerning always having a team around me for the last twelve years.


“My family gives me great balance in my life.”-Roger

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Q:you become a father recently. how have your children changed your motivation to what your life and your career?


Roger:well I mean my children just is an incredible and inspiration for me. you know to be able to leave the courts come back in see them grow up for day after day. it’s been, it’s been wonderful I’m also been very fortunate that actually been able to travel with me so much that I have a wife that so supportive of everything that I do. She doesn’t say you know what you go on to the tournament is too hard and difficult for me to travel with the kids and everything I have and wonderful family. They’re so into it you know the to be with me and I think it’s helped my game to be honest even though there’s always a lot of talk and I want to become a father wants to get all the times as much success.


But on this day I think I played some of my best tennis when makers pray and right after and there was for me a time when was just happen is all around and still today is the same and that gives me great balance in my life.


“I don’t plan in the short term. I always plan in the long term which is one-and-a-half years ahead of time” -Roger

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Q:many people are now starting to speculate about when you would retire from the center court but you’ve won said in an interview that you actually want your children to see you playing does that mean that we will have the player to feed you playing for at least the next five years


Roger:well I mean there’s never a a set target you know except if its a short term and I don’t plan in the short term. I always plan in the long term which is one-and-a-half years ahead of time and that means I’m looking right now at sor of the 2012 Olympics in London and beyond that and that’s why I see myself playing so for many more years.
i mean was so many things come into play such how’s your health how’s your life doing has your success level. But on this day I feel right now I’m still playing some my best as a my life I know I can still dominate.  I know I can still win the biggest tournaments.
I can still be the best players and I’m playing really well at the moment. So there’s doesn’t really even cross my mind on 4chan being asked quite a quite a bit recently. Just have because the hole in my success I’ve had and you know other guys always pushing through you always create that always create stories within the game.  But attended a important is how I feel has successful do I feel lost.  I can still be and on some I’m very confident that’s why I’m still gonna play for quite some time


thank you welcome


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